nSprite 2 is a 2D in 3D library for Blitz 3D with a lot of extra features to ease 2D game development while taking advantage of 3D accelerated graphics.

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Current version: 1.1.0 (January 25th 2006)
Release date: November 8th 2005

nSprite 2 is a big set of functions for Blitz3D to create 2D graphics using the capability and advantages of 3D cards. The command set is really similar to Blitz2D, making an easy syntax to learn and enabling easy conversion from 2D to 2D in 3D. It can be used anywhere, from making an entire 2D game or to enhance 3D graphics with such thing as HUDs.


2D-in-3D single-surface efficient system, crisp and pixel-perfect images, real-time scaling and rotation, alpha and mask support, animation system, bitmap fonts system, particles system, lighting system, collision system.


What's new? (in 1.1.0)
-Huge speed improvement, around 40%
-Brand new GUI module!

-Added word wrapping options for nS_Text
-Backward compatibility for bitmap fonts
-Removed a frame bug in loop animations that occured rarely
-Removed a bug in bitmap fonts nS_StringHeight with strings starting with a space, also affected centered text
-Wireframe mode in demos (press 'w')
-Enter to shoot bombs in Void Requiem

nSprite 2 Demo (3,662kb)

Licensing & Purchasing
nSprite 2 is currently available to buy for US$20.00. The product is feature complete, bugs-free, including a complete html documentation, free updates and support.
The source code is copyrighted (c) to Jocelyn Perreault. You can use it to release commercial applications/games that you create with it. It can be used for freeware projects and other personal use. You cannot release this source code (under its name or under another name) or release a similar library with it. It cannot be distributed or redistributed. The code may be modified to be tweaked but you cannot distribute it. If you made a modification that you think the community would benefit, please let us know.